We’re stronger together –

the multicultural playbook for communications professionals

A step-by-step guide to delivering effective
multicultural communications

The 2021 census shows that:

  • Nearly 30% of our people were born overseas

  • More than one in four people in NSW communicate in a language other than English 
at home

  • Over 360,000 people in NSW don’t speak English well or at all

What’s inside?

The path to delivering impactful and
inclusive multicultural communications

Chapter 1.

Selecting and understanding your audiences

There are many nuances within multicultural communities. To get the best outcomes, make sure you spend time clearly defining your audiences. In this chapter we provide suggestions on where to find the right data and define the user journey.

Chapter 3.

Creative and translations

Creative includes visual, audio and written elements working together seamlessly. It can be daunting to know where to start, but the tips below will get you on your way. Multicultural NSW is here to help – we can provide advice, be your sounding board or connect you with relevant community members.

Chapter 4.

Testing and evaluating your approach

Testing and evaluation are a key part of any communications campaign and can provide many valuable learnings to help you refine your approach. Use the insights to help you think outside the box and trial new and different approaches.

About this project


Why engaging multicultural audiences is so important

In NSW, we are focused on being a world class public service.

This means our customers, the people who live, visit, invest or do business in NSW, are the centre of everything the NSW Government does.

To become the most customer-centric government, we must understand our customers and meaningfully engage with them, making sure everyone is included, connected and enjoys equal opportunities.

Since 2016, NSW has seen an increase of almost 300,000 people who were born overseas. Many of these people may be unfamiliar with the various Government services available to them and their family.

One in three of us were born overseas, so communicating clearly to multicultural communities should be a key priority when developing and delivering Government messaging.

Everyone needs to be included in your communications planning from the beginning, including the one in four people in NSW who speak a language other than English.

Together, let’s create impactful communications.

How to use this playbook

This playbook will give you guidance to effectively engage your culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) audiences. Each section provides you with tips, and a practical example of multicultural communications in action.

While other audiences, such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, are important to consider in your communications planning, this playbook specifically refers to multicultural or CALD audiences.

You can find more about communicating with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples here.

It should be noted that this playbook has been crafted for campaign planning. Whilst the principles remain relevant, this playbook is not designed for crisis management communications.

Multicultural NSW is here to provide you with support and guidance every step of the way. 
If you have any questions,
 get in touch.